Hospitals & Urgent Care

  • McMillan Medical Center Urgent Care
  • Primary Health Urgent Cares
  • Direct Orthopedic Care Centers
  • Intermountain Hospital

Medical Clinics


  • Ada West Dermatology
  • Advanced Specialty Care For Women
  • Advanced Surgery of Idaho
  • Aesthetic Eye, PC
  • Allied Orthopaedics
  • Americana Orthopaedics
  • Anesthesia Consultants of Treasure Valley


  • Beacon Pain Clinic
  • Boise Arthritis and Immunology Clinic
  • Boise Family Medicine Center


  • Cancer Center of Idaho
  • Center for Lifetime Health
  • Cole Diagnostics
  • Comprehensive Dermatology of Idaho, PLLC
  • CT Derm and The Medspa by CT Derm


  • Darin L. Weyhrich, MD PA
  • Darrell A. Kammer, MD PA
  • Davis Family Medicine
  • DeBlieck Dermatology
  • Deer Point Family Practice, PC
  • Dermatology and Laser Center of Canyon County
  • Dermatology Clinic of Idaho
  • Digestive Health Clinic, LLC
  • Direct Orthopedic Care
  • Doctors Clinic of Elmore County


  • Eagle Creek Family Medicine
  • Ennis Endocrinology PLLC
  • Erland Internal Medicine PC
  • Exodus Pain Clinic


  • Gem State Dermatology


  • Hodges Family Medicine, PLLC
  • Humphrey Shoulder Clinic


  • Idaho Arthritis Center
  • Idaho Dermatologic Surgery and Laser Center
  • Idaho Joint and Spine
  • Idaho Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  • Idaho Skin Surgery Center, PC
  • Idaho Sleep Specialists
  • Idaho Spine and Pain
  • Idaho Sports Medicine Institute
  • Idaho Urologic Institute
  • Imaging Center of Idaho And Vein Center of Idaho
  • Injury Care Medical Center
  • Initial Point Family Medicine


  • Keller Skin Care


  • L. Schlickman, MD, PLLC
  • Lawrence E Green, MD
  • Lee Self, MD
  • Les Bois Neurology


  • Main Family Medical
  • McMillan Medical Center
  • Meridian Family Medicine
  • Meridian Pediatrics
  • Mountain States Hand Clinic


  • Neurological Surgery
  • Northwest Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation


  • Orthopaedic Associates


  • Pain Care Boise
  • Pain Care Clinic of Idaho, PC
  • Pioneer Family Medicine
  • Perma Mental Health, PLLC
  • Primary Health Medical Group Broadway
  • Primary Health Medical Group Caldwell
  • Primary Health Medical Group Chinden & Linder
  • Primary Health Medical Group Crossroads
  • Primary Health Medical Group Downtown
  • Primary Health Medical Group Eagle
  • Primary Health Medical Group Float
  • Primary Health Medical Group Garden City
  • Primary Health Medical Group Meridian
  • Primary Health Medical Group Orchard
  • Primary Health Medical Group Overland
  • Primary Health Medical Group Pediatrics
  • Primary Health Medical Group South Meridian
  • Primary Health Medical Group Nampa
  • Primary Health Medical Group South Nampa
  • Primary Health Medical Group State Street
  • Primary Health Medical Group West Boise


  • Roman Schwartsman, MD


  • Saltzer Medical Group
  • Scott P. Hoopes, MD and Associates
  • Spine and Physical Medicine
  • Sun Valley Skin Center


  • Tadje Orthopaedics
  • The Allergy Group
  • The Center For Pain Care
  • The Pain Center Inc.
  • The Shoulder Clinic of Idaho
  • Total Care Medical Clinic
  • Treasure Valley Cardiology
  • Treasure Valley Dermatology
  • Treaure Valley Family Medicine
  • Treasure Valley Imaging
  • Two Rivers Medical Clinic, PA


  • West Idaho Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
  • Winding Creek Medical Arts

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